Elementary Education

During the elementary years, Temple Christian provides students with the foundational building blocks of learning. Students are taught the core subjects of Bible, math, language arts, social studies, and science with additional instruction in physical education, music, and art. Strong emphasis is placed on phonics instruction and reading. Students have the opportunity to enlarge their reading skills by weekly visits to the school library, joining Book Adventure, and enrolling in summer reading programs.

Every fall, the elementary students participate in a special Around the World Day program which is one of the highlights of the annual missions conference. Throughout the school year, students are provided the opportunity to take part in service projects to raise money for missionaries on the field. To date, the children have raised over $50,141.

To further enhance their educational experience, students are encouraged to compete in the annual Christian Schools of Ohio student competition, affording them an opportunity to improve their skills in spelling, music, Bible memory, and quiz teams.

The elementary teachers have an average of 17 years of teaching experience. Each one has felt called of God to teach young children and to minister to both their academic and spiritual needs through challenging academics and discipline, yet compassionate understanding and love.

It is Temple’s desire to partner with the home and the church to educate each child to his fullest potential, to prepare him for higher learning, and to foster in him a life-long love for Christ and a desire to serve Him.