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Temple Christian Part-Time Student Policy

As an expression of Mansfield Baptist Temple’s commitment to Christian education, we have developed a program to offer part-time opportunities to the home school families in our church and community.

This document describes the program and associated costs, but please be advised that they are subject to change.

Who is eligible to enroll?

Church members’ children are our primary focus, but we will also consider other home school families in the Mansfield area. We will carefully consider other applicants using the same basic enrollment standards that we currently use for a full-time student. See the Temple Christian School Handbook for details about the enrollment process.

Part-time students may have a more difficult time transitioning smoothly into the student body than full-time students, due to the fact that they are only here for a portion of the regular week. With this in mind, more time and attention will be given to the enrollment and orientation process.

What will be available?

Parents may apply for enrollment to any of the academic and fine arts classes we offer to secondary students. We are able to admit elementary students only for elementary music opportunities such as Around the World Program, Christmas Program, CSO, and Spring Concert. The parents of secondary students may also request the opportunity for their children to play sports. When space is limited, preference will be given to full-time enrolled students.

Please refer to the schedule of offered classes to identify the teacher, location, and time for each class. We will keep a part-time student’s grades in our grading system and issue report cards every quarter. Students that participate in the school sports program must be members of MBT!

Fall Sports

Junior High Girls Volleyball (6-8) Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball (9-10) Varsity Girls Volleyball (11-12) Junior High Boys Soccer (6-8) Varsity Boys Soccer (9-12)

Winter Sports

Junior High Girls Basketball (6-8) Varsity Girls Basketball (9-12) Junior High Boys Basketball (6-8) Junior Varsity Boys Basketball (9-10) Varsity Boys Basketball (11-12)

What will NOT be available?

Part-time students can NOT be involved in the following: graduation ceremony, receiving of a diploma, valedictorian, salutatorian, homecoming court, and academic reception. The full-time student will take precedence over the part-time student when choosing between the two for major roles in activities.

How much does it cost?

The cost does not include textbooks and all supplies needed for the class or activity. While the price is intended to be reasonable, there is a benefit to full-time enrollment. Below includes annual costs for each listed offering:

Members of Mansfield Baptist Temple, will receive a $50 discount for each class or sport in which they are enrolled. Those enrolled in a class will receive a $50 discount on the sports fee. For a family that has more than one part-time student enrolled, they will receive a $50 discount for classes (Not sports, etc).

Description Cost Academic Class $650

Bible & Chapel $450

Jr. & Sr. High Choir $450 (Includes Christmas Concert, CSO, Spring Concert, and possible other opportunities)

P.E. and Health $450

Sports Team (Per Junior High season) $150

Sports Team (Per Junior Varsity and Varsity season) $200

Drama Team $200 Registration Fee (Non-refundable) $60

Senior Trip $400

Homecoming* $40

Extravaganza (Juniors and Seniors)* $130

Spiritual Emphasis Week* $175

Standardized Testing TBA

PSAT (Juniors Only) TBA

Elementary/Jr. & Sr. High Band $350

Elementary Music $350 (Includes Around the World, Christmas Concert, CSO, Spring Concert, and possible other opportunities)

*Requires participation in at least one other class or sport

Please contact the school office to pick up an application, Parent/Student Handbook, and any other necessary forms for enrollment. The school office will then schedule a meeting with the administration to discuss your particular area of interest and your child’s part-time enrollment to the school.